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As a dedicated horse owner, you want to ensure you’re doing everything possible to preserve the health and longvevity of your beloved horse. However, with the plethora of opinions and noise online, it can be hard to know where to start in terms of preventing and treating the often devestating medabolic issues horse too often develop.

that's why I created Saddle & Sage...

S+S founder, tamara gonsor

A few years ago, my heart horse developed devastating metabolic issues.

By the time I learned through hours of research that his condition could have been prevented and treated through an overhaul of his lifestyle, it was too late to reverse the affects of his condition.

I created Saddle & Sage in his honor to ensure fellow horse owners don’t end up in that same position. It IS possible to set our horses up for success with the right nutrition, exercise regime, forage, living conditions, tack, and natural products. My goal is increase the visibility of and access to powerful, crucial, and actionable information that you can implement in your horse’s daily routine today. 

Saddle & Sage resources shine a spotlight on powerful and actionable information that you can start implementing in your horse’s daily routine today. 

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"You can be deeply certain, and slightly doubtful.
You can be scared, and really, really ready." 

- Danielle Laporte

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